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malachi mullings

Black means royalty. Although in our society, the darker one is, the worse we are treated , us as a black community are all kings and Queens. We all have gone through trials and tribulations that have made us grow and it is from these experiences that we have raised above our struggles to be the better form of ourselves. That is Black to me.

Nia washington

I love what this company represents and I would love to be apart of it and help draw other people in. Once I believe in a cause, I'm all in and would do anything for it. I hope to not only add to the company but to learn from it as well from experience and interacting with others within the company.

Jaccory Lewis

Black is Depth. Without shadows, without background, without history, we as people are unable to understand the roots that tie us to our humanity.

Frank Battle

Black is Brilliant Courageous Powerful Creative

Cierra Kenney

Black means struggle. Struggling in a world full of adversity and biased against us because of our skin color. Struggling to prove ourselves to the white man every single day that we are equals and can achieve anything we set our minds too. Black means resilience. Resilient to the stigmas against us. Conquering our goals and taking the extra steps to achieve in the society we live today. Black means beautiful. Though we face adversity and struggle every shade of black is beautiful. Every kink of the hair, every pigmented corner is beautiful and something no other race can take away from us.

Shannen Holback

Black means excellence and power. We as a people are very strong and have overcame so many obstacles to get where we are right now. To be black is to be understanding of our past and use the platform we currently have to create a better future for our generations to come.

Samoya Calvin

Black means so much to me. Black is to be strong and determined. Black is about being unapologetic in who I am and taking pride in my rich melanin skin and my Afro kinky hair. Black is standing up tall and proclaiming who I am, no matter the circumstances. Being black is also about acknowledgment of our history, culture , and ancestors. Black is understanding and awareness of the systematic oppression place on our race. Black is having to work overtime to shine in a white mans world while still remembering your roots. Black is about being apart of something bigger than just you. Being black is my strength, beauty and courage. Black is my identity.

Brandon Brown

Black means greatness to me. The reason being is that I believe all African Americans have the ability to be great . We all have our own strengths that can be used to benefit the people in our community. It is not us who hold ourselves up but the people behind us that hold us up. In return, we should do the same for others.